This is the nth installment of a personal blog of mine. I really don't know where it leads to but one thing is clear: Instead of choosing to have a blog for each single interest of mine and abandoning one after the other (because of shifting interests) I will dump it all in here in the future.

Doesn't matter if is political interest or games or movies or programming or philosophical questions or pictures or else.


Don't worry though, I will try to seperate it by tags and/or subpages so that you can follow the topic you like the best or hate the most.

With the restart and change in focus I also already changed the technical base of the blog. But more about that later.

The only thing I couldn't make up my mind about, is the language.
English would open the blog to a much bigger audience but also make my mistakes in a foreign language abundandly clear.
German, my native language, on the other hand... well it's German.
Doing both would be an option too... but do I want to write every post in two languages? The technical ones in German and the views about German or Swiss politics in English?

I don't know yet but I will figure that one out too.